Radiology Utilization Management

The objective is always to offer personalized Radiology Utilization Management to match all of our unique client’s needs by utilizing cutting-edge solutions as well as resources, in so doing rendering a workable option to conventional Radiology Utilization Management Services. We're dedicated to rendering our consumers as well as patients with distinctive answers for their specific health care requirements as well as issues.

We realize that one of the most efficient, most well accepted, Radiology Utilization Management services will be "Patient-Centric". For that reason, our plans target identification of patients who could benefit from the individualized attention plus guidance of the Qualified Registered Nurse in controlling their health condition(s). Every patient with any health condition which is not at present utilizing “Best Practices Medicine” would be a candidate pertaining to our program. Once recognized as a potential candidate for our services, the facts available is screened by a case coordinator.

The principle aim of this screener is to determine the chance that one of our specialized Registered Nurses can either improve the quality of health attention the patient is receiving, and/or lessen the price of the medical care the individual will be receiving without compromising the quality of health care being supplied. The fee regarding this screening is actually contained in the admin charge.

The plan is actually tailored to the uniqueness of not simply each and every patient, but additionally every single client. We will be as aggressive or as passive in our interventions as you decide on. We'll provide our expertise, info, along with options to you, but in the end it's you who will determine the amount of an investment you are able/willing to make and wherever you need to deploy that investment.


Advantages associated with our Utilization Review Management:

    We only use nurses and doctors, not foreign call centers. We are the only real Radiology Utilization  Management Organization that does so.

    Match up customer’s requirements together with tailor-made programs as well as choices.

    One particular nurse working together with one patient through their continuum of care.

    We reach every single person pre and post hospitalization…no one else does.

    Transplant management plus doctor involvement constantly means tremendous financial impact.

    In house nurse on call, Twenty four hours a day, because we couldn't find a vendor that would take particular info for every client

    High nurse- to- employee lives ratio. We have one Registered nurse per Three thousand employee lives….Blue Cross Blue Shield provides 1 for every 12,000 employee lives. United Healthcare has 1 RN for every 60,000 employee lives. We have approximately 20 times more available nurses.

     Competitively priced.

     Guaranteed Performance of $3.00 in financial savings returned for each dollar invested.

    Success at Radiology Utilization Management claims cost reductions:

    Group #1

    Self-funded trust went from a 3.5 million deficit to a 4.5 million surplus within year One applying our Radiology Utilization Management services (as the only change made)! Year 2 the Plan made substantial ENRICHMENTS to benefits offered to their members and nonetheless had an additional Reduction in claims costs of 1 million dollars.

    Group #2

    Claims costs REDUCED by more than 24%, and beat predicted trend by over 34%. Saved more than 2.4 million in year 1 with the only change being adding us.


    You are able to get in touch with us simply by completing this form and we'll respond at the earliest opportunity.

    Bear in mind we guarantee a $3.00 savings in claims returned for every dollar spent for Utilization Review Management

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